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“I am working with Hansen Migration for several years now as Nick has been helping me with 2 visas for migration to Australia (both are granted in a short period of time). I am Ukrainian and as Russia has invaded Ukraine on the 24th Feb Nick called me the same day offering to help to get my mother here to safety. I was very touched by personal qualities of Nick, his compassion and involvement. We got a visa granted for my mum just in 1 day! Also Nick offered to take part of their podcast Journey to Oz to tell my story to the world and bring awareness around the war in Ukraine and how it effects all Ukrainians around the world. I recommend Hanson Migration to everyone who is looking to visit or move to Australia”

Kristina Schwarze-Kelso

“My name is Yarden, I live in Melbourne. I was pretty nervous before applying for my partner visa as I didn’t even know where to start, but Hansen Migration made everything easy. Nick provided us with all the necessary information and explained it all, step by step. I appreciated the checklist/platform being very user friendly and easy to follow. After not much of a wait I got the visa grant and will definitely apply for the second part of it with Nick. I would recommend Hansen Migration to anyone who would like to take the weight of a visa application off of their shoulders and to anyone who might just be looking for some guidance in regards.”

Yarden Dayen

“Hi – we’re Katie and Char and we live in Melbourne, Australia. We were looking for Char to finally become an Australian citizen after over a decade of living here, as well as Katie to live in Australia permanently. We went through Hansen Migration because while we think we would have been able to apply ourselves, this was probably the biggest thing we would ever do, and we wanted to make sure we did it right. Nick got back to us right away and we were able to talk out exactly what we were looking to do and he provided us with an online portal that laid out every single document we needed (as well as how it needed to look, if it needed to be a copy or original, etc.)….”

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Katie and Charlene

“Hi, my name is David Mikulik and I am located near Broome in Western Australia. I used Hansen migration services to help me get permanent residency in Australia on a partner visa and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Before I chose to use Nick’s service’s, my biggest frustration was worrying about which was the best and simplest way to apply for my partner visa. There was nothing that nearly prevented me from using Hansen Migration service’s because I only ever read really good reviews which made me more confident. The highlight for me about using Hansen Migration service’s was the help and fast response’s from Nick and his team. I am not good with technology and they helped me through every…”

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David Mikulik

“My name is Amelia and I live in Melbourne, Victoria. My (now) husband and I hired Hansen Migration to assist with my application for Permanent Residence, as my visa was nearly expired (I had 5 weeks left) and I was panicked about getting all the necessary documents and proof of our relationship compiled and submitted correctly. I had spoken to other agents prior to this who had told me I “didn’t have enough proof” and was “throwing my money away” and that I would “definitely get rejected”, so I was incredibly stressed when I reached out to Nick. My first call with Nick was explaining all of this and telling him my hair-brained scheme to move back overseas, apply for a different visa, come back in 6 months….”

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Amelia Towle

“We are a same-sex couple from Sri Lanka and have been in a long-distance relationship for 5.5 years since my partner moved to Australia. We always wanted to be with each other and that’s when I tried applying for graduate studies and various other scholarships in Australia. When none of those options worked, we tried applying for a visitor visa to be together, at least briefly, which was also rejected. We lost faith in all the options that were available to us and during Covid we had to be apart for almost 02 years. We found Hansen Migration online when we were trying to get advice on other possible options. We had an hour-long discussion with Nick initially, and he reassured us… “

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Mal and Pradee

“My Name is Wahyu and I am from Indonesia. I met my partner Anthony nearly 4 years ago and we needed a good Migration Consultant. We first looked at a consultant in Sydney (where Anthony lives) but was not satisfied. We then heard about Hansen Migration in Melbourne.
It would have been better to deal with someone in our local area however this has not been a problem.
Me and my partner (husband) like the honesty and communication provided by Hansen Migration and while we wish things would process faster than they have, we understand this issue lies with Home Affairs. My partner and I like how we are being looked after…”
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Wahyu Kustanto

“I am Ishor Gurung (Ish) currently living in Mackay Queensland. One of the smartest decisions I have made in my life was to appoint Nick Hansen for my partner’s Prospective Marriage Visa application including the Partner Visa. I and my partner were in a long-distance relationship for around 7 years and with Nick’s help we are now living together with our two gorgeous Kelpies in our home in Queensland.

After many years of long-distance relationship, when I and my partner decided to marry and live together, we were incredibly lucky to come across Nick’s migration service. Nick helped us in identifying the most appropriate visa for our circumstance…”

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Ishor Gurung

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