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Our Journey So Far...

Aug 1954

The Hansen Family Migrates to Australia

The Hansen family originates from Kiel, a port city in northern Germany. After World War 2, there were limited job opportunities in Germany, and Hermann Hansen had a young and growing family. After speaking to some friends in Australia, and hearing about the abundant opportunities there, Hermann convinced his reluctant wife Christine to move. They packed up everything and boarded a ship to the other side of the world. After 6 weeks at sea, they finally arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia. Eventually they relocated to Geelong, Victoria, where many of the Hansen family still live today.

Jan 1975

Holger Meets June

The second child of Hermann and Christine is Holger Hansen. He was on a Top Deck tour in Europe when he met June from New Zealand. She had been living in Australia and was now on holiday. They hit it off immediately, eventually getting married. They returned to Australia, and settled in Geelong with the rest of the Hansen family.

May 1981

Nick Hansen is Born

Nick, born in 1981, is the oldest child of Holger and June. He grew up and attended school in the Geelong region, before moving to Melbourne in 2007. Nick initially worked as a retail travel agent for Flight Centre, before moving to American Express Business Travel in 2010. Nick met his partner Kate on their first day at American Express and they had two children, Ella and Lucas.

Feb 2016

Nick Graduates and Hansen Migration is Founded

Nick graduated from Victoria University with a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice in December 2015. He registered as a Migration Agent with the Migration Agent’s Registration Authority (MARA) shortly after. Given Nick’s family history, he always had an interest in helping other families reunite with their loved ones and start new lives in Australia. So, it was no surprise to anyone when in February 2016, Nick registered an ABN and Hansen Migration was born.

Feb 2018

Kate Joins Hansen Migration

Kate left American Express to join Hansen Migration as a Migration Assistant. She brought with her a wealth of customer service experience and knowledge. As partners and parents, Nick and Kate share the same passion for reuniting families in Australia.

Apr 2021

Hansen Migration moves to Doncaster East

On 26 April 2021 we moved to our current office at 25A Tunstall Square, Doncaster East, Victoria. Tunstall Square is a great area and we love working here!

Sep 2021

200 Partner Visas Granted

Our first partner visa was granted in October 2017; we reached the milestone of 200 temporary partner visas granted less than 4 years later. Today, we’re almost at 300. During this time, we have had a success rate of higher than 99.5% for all partner visas.

Oct 2021

Nick starts the Journey to Oz Podcast

Nick joined forces with employer-sponsored visa specialist Evan Bishop from Wordly Migration to create the Journey to Oz podcast series. Together, they share inspiring stories of clients who migrated to Australia. Some of their guests have included Ali who fled Taliban in Afghanistan and now lives in Sydney with his wife; Prosper , an inspirational young man
who came to Australia from Zimbabwe over 10 years ago after learning about Australia from his high school maths teacher; and Aaron , a former police officer who overcame a substantial criminal record to migrate to Australia and now lives in Melbourne with his partner and adopted daughter.

Oct 2021

First Client to go from Visitor Visa to Australian Citizen

Monika and Matt met in 2014 whilst doing the ‘Way of Saint James’ pilgrimage walk in Spain, they had a strong connection, so Monika introduced Matt to her family soon after. Monika relocated to Australia on a visitor visa in 2016 and married Matt, they met with Nick and applied for a partner visa soon after. Monika and Matt were actually Hansen Migration’s second ever clients. Monika went through both stages of the partner visa application and Australian citizenship application with Hansen Migration. Fast forward to October 2021 and she successfully became an Australian citizen. She is now living happily in Melbourne with Matt and their two children. You can hear their story on the Journey to Oz podcast.


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