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Australia legalised marriage equality in 2017, and same-sex couples are now able to apply for visas without discrimination. If you’re in an LGBTIQ+ relationship with an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen, you could be eligible.

Depending on your relationship specifics, you could apply for either a Partner visa or a Prospective Marriage visa. When granted, these visas could give you:

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What visas are available to same-sex couples in Australia?

LGBTIQ+ couples in Australia can apply for the Partner visa or the Prospective Marriage visa.
There are several different visa subclasses, dependent on from where and when you apply:


Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Temporary Visa


Subclass 820 Temporary Visa


Subclass 801 Permanent Visa


Subclass 309 Temporary Visa


Subclass 100 Permanent Visa

Depending on the subclass, when granted, these visas could give you:

Who is eligible for these visas?

Partner and Prospective Marriage visas are available to spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, and eligible New Zealand citizens. If you are in a genuine, committed relationship with one of the above, you may be able to apply.

You may also be able to include eligible family members in your application.

What are the requirements for these visas?

Depending on the subclass, these visas have several different requirements. They include:

Each requirement is assessed against strict criteria set by the Australian government. Failing
any test in the application can result in the visa being refused, and your application fee
probably won’t be refunded. You can also be barred from applying for this visa again.

That’s why we recommend using the services of a Registered Migration Agent in any Partner
or Prospective Marriage visa application. At Hansen Migration, our agents are up to date on
current laws and requirements. We can help catch any mistakes in your application, reduce
your stress, and give you the best chance of a fast, successful visa grant.

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