Does your Australian partner want to sponsor you for a Partner Visa or a Prospective Marriage Visa? Are you in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen and want to migrate to Australia? Are you looking for a Migration Agent in Melbourne? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Specialties:

Partner Visa

Parent Visa

Gay Immigration

Child Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa

Resident Return Visa

NZ Family Relationship Visa

Australian Citizenship


Hi I'm Nick,

The thing I love about being a Migration Agent is helping clients unite with their loved ones by obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

Visas are more complicated than most people expect. But I use my expertise to save you time and stress.

I am a Migration Agent in Melbourne and specialise in Partner Visas, Prospective Marriage Visas, New Zealand Family Relationship Visas, Parent Visas, Child Visas, Resident Return Visas and Australia citizenship applications. 

Unsure where to start? Complete your FREE online assessment today.

Nick Hansen
Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1679147)
Founder of Hansen Migration

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The Best Migration & Immigration Agents Melbourne

Do you dream of living in Australia? That dream has a possibility of becoming a reality! As you’re likely aware, the Australian government offers a number of different visas for those seeking to live in Australia.

The opportunity is significant but the application process can be tricky and long-winded, so much so that people put off pursuing their dream or make critical mistakes which lead to their visa application getting refused. If you are seeking to immigrate to Australia, help is at hand to ensure you apply for the correct visa and complete a successful application.

Hansen Migration are among the leading visa agents Melbourne wide, helping many migrants  secure their dream move of residency in Australia.

Like many other migrants, you’re likely confused with where to start. That’s where a no obligation conversation with our Melbourne's visa migration agents can really help. Unlike many other immigration agents in Melbourne, we offer a free initial online assessment where we can advise on your suitability for a particular visa.

From there, you can choose the level of service that suits your needs. How much or how little involvement you need from our Melbourne's visa agents  is up to you.

Our four packages include:

Advice for Immigration Visa

We can assess all of your eligibility requirements using a time-saving questionnaire and provide advice as to the next steps you should take, the Visa type you should pursue and your potential for success.

Application for Immigration Visa

Our Application package is an additional step up, including document verification, lodgement and management of your visa application including tracking and progress updates.

Application Plus

With our Application Plus package, you truly don’t have to worry about a thing! This is the most stress-free, hassle-free approach to a visa application. In addition to all that covered in our Application package, we’ll also give you $770 worth of additional services for $550.

Don’t stress about reading through all the stipulations for via eligibility, completing and tracking a variety of different forms. Arrange your consultation with Melbourne's migration consultant at Hansen Migration today.

You’ll quickly discover why we are amongst the most trusted visa consultants in Melbourne, using our time and expertise to save you serious stress. Permanent residency in Australia awaits you. Complete your free online assessment today to get started.

Hansen Migration is the Melbourne's reputed Immigration Agents & Visa Consultants providing right advice for Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Child Visas & other family visas Migration Services in Melbourne. We’ve helped many immigrants to secure successful visa applications, and we can help you too. Complete your free online assessment today or call us at 0449944991.

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