Why Melbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU), Melbourne has comfortably made it into the world’s top five most liveable cities – as a matter of fact, Melbourne had secured the top place for a record of seven years in a row.  It wasn’t until 2018 that we slipped into position two, just behind Vienna, Austria.

But what makes a city so liveable and why has Melbourne continued to uphold such a prestigious title?

Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure

Three major components – all of which Melbourne scored a perfect score this year – play a major role in securing the title of world’s most liveable city.

With more than 200 private and public hospitals, two Group of Eight universities and more than 250 kilometres of tramway (largest in the world), lined with residential buildings, townhouses and offices, it’s easy to get an understanding into how Melbourne has maintained such a strong claim to the title.

Having any one of the above in a major city is a huge positive, but to have all three as well as ease of access to all of them is a true feat. Melbourne’s combination of expanding diverse culture and friendly locals has proven to be a perfect combination in this mix.

And what about the food?

If having access to fantastic restaurants and fooderies is of high importance to you, then look no more. Melbourne is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to food.  No matter which type of cuisine you’re after and the price you’re willing to pay, we are positive that there’s something for everyone.

Have a look at this map below which shows just how high the concentration of restaurants is in Melbourne.  Even if you tried a new restaurant a day, you would need around six years to complete this endeavour.

The coffee is very special

The local Melbournian doesn’t just drink a coffee for the sake of drinking a coffee – instead, coffee has turned into an activity; or a plan if you will.  In Melbourne, it’s quite common to meet with friends on the weekend and ‘do coffee’.  People like to plan entire mornings and afternoons around this pleasure.

Melbourne has one of the highest concentrations of independent cafes than any other city in the world – and it’s growing!

If you plan to visit Melbourne, be sure to visit an independently owned café and admire the love and care put into every cup of coffee.  If you frequent a café, it won’t be uncommon for your barista to memorise your order – a lot of the times you’ll arrive and they’ll have started preparing your coffee without you needing to order.

Plenty of things to do

Whether you’re into sports, food, wine, theatre, art, music or fashion – finding something to appease the curious mind is never a challenge in Melbourne.  Melbourne’s guide, What’s On, provides regular updates on activities one can expect to see in Melbourne. If you plan it right, you should have something to do every weekend and the majority of these activities will probably be free!

Some of the larger events in Melbourne, which you may or may not have already heard about include:

  •       Melbourne Cup (a horse race that stops the nation)

  •       AFL Grand Final (there’s even a public holiday for this)

  •       Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (speaks for itself)

  •       Melbourne International Film Festival (featuring films from more than 50 countries)

  •       Melbourne International Comedy Festival (this is a must)

It’s not just about the city …

Another large part of Melbourne’s uniqueness is the way that it is conveniently located relatively close to some of Australia’s top attractions.  It’s quite common for Melbournians to spend their weekends exploring new areas surrounding the city.  Even though the CBD has a plethora of beauty and activities to take in, it’s sometimes nice to escape for a little bit. By taking multiple day trips, you’ll be able to explore areas such as:

  •       The Grampians National Park

  •       Great Ocean Road

  •       The Twelve Apostles

  •       Philip Island

  •       Ski fields (yes, it snows close to Melbourne!)

If you plan on living in Melbourne, you may one day wish to purchase a car to explore all these wonderful places.  If that’s not feasible, then you can always rent a car from one of the many rental companies in the city.
It’s clear to see why Melbourne had over 8.5 million international visitors in 2018 alone. With a healthy mixture of activities, things to do, food, wine, coffee, education, healthcare services, security, transport and infrastructure, it’s no wonder that Melbourne has set a record for being the world’s most liveable city seven years in a row.

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