The Importance of Having a Local Registered and Qualified Migration Agent

The process of migrating to Australia can quite often involve a lot of time, money, and paperwork. With so many documents and evidence to provide throughout the application process, it’s important to involve a Registered Migration Agent. A Migration Agent will be able to simplify the process so you won’t need to get caught up in managing an application on your own.

If you’re debating about whether or not you should hire a Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne, here is how an agent can assist you:

1. Hear back on the status of your application sooner

Registered Migration Agents have successfully lodged countless applications. Naturally, there will be nuances between applicants, but by keeping up to date with government requirements and the experience to back them – your Migration Agent will know how to best handle your application.

That also means that when it comes to submitting your application, a Registered Migration Agent will know what supplementary documents and evidence you need to attach. A common reason for a lengthy application review is because the Department of Home Affairs needs to ask for more documentation than what was initially submitted. Avoid that back and forth and provide everything you need at the beginning so you can hear a final decision about your visa in a shorter period of time.

2. Have confidence you are filing the most suitable visa for your situation

With well over 50 different visas offered in Australia, it can be daunting just determining which application is right for you. Beyond the visa subclasses, there are also other pieces of information you should take into consideration:

●      Are you currently in Australia? Do you plan to be in the near future?

●      Is your partner considered a citizen or permanent resident of Australia?

●      Do you have a wedding planned in the near future?

●      What is your employment status currently?

Instead of spending time starting the application process for the wrong visa, you can ask a Migration Agent for advice before starting. At Hansen Migration, you have the decision to seek advice from our qualified agents or we can be more involved and complete the visa application for you. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that our agents are keeping your best interests in mind.

3. A Registered Migration Agent will know the most updated migration laws and procedures

Perhaps you have friends who have gone through the process of getting a visa and you have been relying on their advice up until this point. With everyone’s situation unique and the environment we live in constantly changing (most recently, the implications COVID-19 has on migration), a Registered Migration Agent will be able to guide you through the most up-to-date processes and regulations.

4. Your Registered Migration Agent has a Code of Conduct they must abide by

When you’re moving to a new country that you’re planning your future in, you want to make sure you do everything you can to see that vision through

Registered Migration Agents are governed by a Code of Conduct that requires them to act in the client’s best interest. This means they will be the most thorough they possibly can be to ensure that your application is lodged as in its most accurate and complete form. With a regulating body to audit registered agents and a registration authority to lodge any complaints with, you can be assured that your Registered Migration Agent is truly acting in your best interest.

If you were to choose a Migration Agent that is not registered, you run the risk of paying money for limited knowledge of immigration procedures. As the Department of Home Affairs requests a lot of information when lodging an application, this unqualified and un-audited individual will end up having a large amount of personal information about you. Avoid getting involved with migration fraud and work with an agent who is both registered and qualified to give you migration advice.

5. Be updated on your visa in a timely manner

When you decide to hire a Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne, you will also receive progress reports on the status of your application. This will ensure that you are updated on if any additional information is needed as well as the anticipated date that you may hear back on the status of your application.

Finding a local qualified and Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne

When reviewing your options to apply for an Australian visa or citizenship, finding a Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne is your best bet for a thorough, stress-free, and potentially quicker application process.

At Hansen Migration, we are listed on the Register of Migration Agents, which means we meet all of the requirements above, with a professional and qualified service. We specialise in family and partner visas, as well as Australian citizenship applications. If you would like to book a free consultation please click here.

About the author

Nick Hansen

Nick has been a Registered Migration Agent since 2016 when he founded Hansen Migration. Since then he has helped many migrants obtain permanent residency in Australia and Australian citizenship.

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