Is your partner an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen?

Are you married or in a de facto relationship?

How to apply for a partner visa?

What evidence do you need to provide?

We answer these questions and more! 

Our job is to make the partnership visa application process as simple and stress-free, so you can get back to what's important to you!

Partnership Visa Australia

Do you dream of joining your partner living in Australia? Perhaps you’re a skilled worker who wants your partner to come and enjoy the fruits of your labours with a new life in Australia? That’s not just a pipe dream, that’s a very possible reality.

The Australian government offers an Australia partner visa which allows an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to sponsor their partner to come and live with them permanently in Australia.

You can apply for an Australian partnership visa under one of two different partner visa types – Subclass 820/201 (for those currently living temporarily in Australia) and Subclass 309/100 (for those who are living abroad from their Australia residing partners).
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How to Apply for a Partner Visa to Australia?

In order to be eligible for an Australian partner visa, you will need to be in a relationship with your partner for at least 12 months or be married, and be able to produce evidence of a genuine relationship. Permanent residency isn’t automatically granted.

First you will need to apply for a temporary partner visa and if granted, after two years, provided you are still in a relationship with the nominating partner, you may apply for a permanent visa.

You do not need to be currently living in Australia to apply for your initial temporary partner visa and dependent children can also be considered for residency as part of your partner visa application.

Where Do I Start for Australian Partner Visa?

Often the most confusing element of a visa application is in knowing where to start. Luckily, there are partner visa consultants who can help. Here at Hansen Migration, we are the leading Partnership Visa Agents in Australia, helping many spouses join their partners living out their dream life in Australia.

As the spousal visa process involves applying for and securing both a temporary and subsequently a permanent visa, there are numerous hurdles to jump over and hoops to jump through. However, we have the experience and expertise to help you apply for a partner visa for Australia.

Whether you simply need an assessment of eligibility and advice as to which visa type to pursue or you require assistance lodging your application or you need our help to manage every step of your partner visa application, we can service your needs. You only pay for the specific services you require.

The first step to securing your visa is to complete a free online assessment on our website. From there, our partner migration agents can assess your eligibility and how we can help and can advise on the next steps to take.

What are you waiting for? Your dream life in Australia awaits you. Start your free online assessment now.

Hansen Migration is the Melbourne's reputed Immigration Agents & Visa Consultants providing right advice for Partner Visas, Spouse Visa, Parent Visas, Visitor Visas & many other visa Migration Services in Melbourne. We’ve helped thousands of immigrants to secure successful visa applications, and we can help you too. Complete your free online assessment today or call us at 0449944991.

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Basic Partnership Visa Requirements

To be eligible for a Partner Visa, you must be either married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, and be able to prove that your relationship is genuine. The path to permanent residency consists of two stages, where you are first granted a temporary Subclass 820 Partner Visa or a Subclass 300 Partner Visa. After approximately two years, if the relationship is still ongoing or there are exceptional circumstances, then you may be eligible to apply for a permanent Subclass 801 Partner Visa or a subclass 100 Partner Visa. Your dependent children may be included as part of the visa application, at Hansen Migration we do not charge extra for secondary child applicants.


Is Your relationship genuine?

Your relationship needs to be deemed genuine and will be assessed off four key criteria, which includes the financial aspects of the relationship, the social aspects of the relationship, the nature of the household and the nature of the commitment. At Hansen Migration we make suggestions about the evidence you can provide and how you can improve your chances of success.  


Onshore or Offshore Application? 

You can apply for a Partner Visa from within Australia (Subclass 820/801), or from outside of Australia (Subclass 309/100). If you apply onshore from within Australia you are eligible for a Bridging Visa A, allowing you live and work in Australia whilst waiting for the outcome of the Partner Visa application.  


Choose your own level of service

At Hansen Migration we offer different levels of service. You might be time poor and want us to take care of everything, or you might just want some advice, either way we have the service that suits your needs. 

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