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Are you in a relationship with or married to an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent Australian resident? Do you dream of joining them to live out your dream life in Australia? What is holding you back?

The Australian government offers a partnership visa scheme, which offers the opportunity for the wives, husbands and partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to secure permanent residency in Australia.

You don’t even need to live in Australia to apply.

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How do I Secure a Partner Visa in Melbourne?

Whether applying for a Subclass 820/201 spouse visa (for those currently living in Australia) or a Subclass 309/100 spouse visa (for those who are not currently living in Australia), you will first need to secure a temporary visa.

Only after two years of residing in Australia on a temporary via, and provided you are still in a relationship with your nominating spouse, will you be eligible to apply for a permanent partner visa.

In order to be deemed eligible to apply for a partner visa, there are some minimum eligibility criteria that you must satisfy.

You must be married to your nominated spouse or in a de-facto relationship for at least one year and be able to produce evidence that supports your claim of a genuine relationship – and you will be asked to provide strong evidence.

Your children can also secure residency in Australia via your spousal visa application.

Where do I Even Start to Apply for Partner Visa?

Don’t fret, help is at hand. With such high stakes at play, it is advised to seek the assistance of the best partner visa Melbourne agent you can find.

Luckily you’ve come to the right place! Hansen Migration are recognised as a leading partner visa migration agent Melbourne has to offer. We offer high success rates and client satisfaction.

Before you delve deep into paperwork and bring about great stress and hassle trying to gather all the required documentation, consider partnering with spouse visa consultants to process your application.

As your immigration partnership visa agents, we can help you with any or all aspects of your visa application. We don’t offer an all or nothing service – you can choose how much involvement and guidance you need from us and pay only for the services you require.

Your Dream of Living in Australia Starts Here

Your pathway to securing a partner visa starts with a free online assessment. It takes just a matter of minutes to complete.

Upon completion, our spouse visa agents can advise on your eligibility for a visa, how we can help you and the next steps to take. This is our area for expertise.

Hansen Migration is the Melbourne's reputed Immigration Agents & Visa Consultants providing right advice for Partnership Visas, Spouse Visa, Parent Visas, Visitor Visas & many other visa Migration Services in Melbourne. We’ve helped thousands of immigrants to secure successful visa applications, and we can help you too. Complete your free online assessment today or call us at 0449944991.

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